Monday, 7 December 2020

Top Tips: wheelbarrows

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When loading your wheelbarrow, always load the end away from the handles first: and if you are moving a small amount of something heavy, ie rocks, bags of materials, an old tree stump etc, then make sure you put it at the wheel end of the barrow.


Because having the heaviest part of the load over the wheel means it is easier to wheel it.

Go on, give it a go: get something heavy, like a bag of compost or bark, heave it up into your barrow and have it at the handle end. Now trundle the barrow around. Ooer, heavy, and unbalanced. Stop, and move the bag to the far end, over the wheel. Now try again. Ah! Much better.

There's more information on wheelbarrows in this article, enticingly titled The Good, The Bad, and the Flipping Ugly.

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