Saturday, 5 December 2020

Top Tips: a new feature!

 I'm adding a new feature to this blog - Top Tips!

These are things which I know so well that I don't even think about them, but which you might possibly not have thought of.

They are usually very simple, and are often the sort of thing that make you think "why did I not think of that?" and I'm very happy to be passing such things on.

Most of them are self-invented, or self-noticed: some of them are things I've picked up from other people.

And I'm doing it because my previous Trainee used to shout "Top Tip!" with glee, every time I told them something useful, and now, with my current Trainee, I find myself saying "Here's a Top Tip for you..." 

We talked about it, and agreed that Top Tips are a good thing to share. The modern phrase, is of course "hack" but I don't like that phrase: to me, hacking is either something done by 50-a-day smokers, or it's a cyber crime. And I don't approve of crime, generally speaking.

So, how do you find all my Top Tips: well, you can either type Top Tips into the search box at the top left of the page:

...there, I've ringed it in red for you.

 Or,  you can scroll down and look on the right-hand pane, underneath the box which says Followers (*big wave and hello to all my lovely Followers! Hi, guys!*), where you will see a list of "Frequently covered subjects!".

If you select Top Tips from that list, it will sort out all the articles with that label, for you.

Easy, huh? 

So if you are new to gardening, or if you are embarking on a career as a gardener, check out my Top Tips - and keep coming back, as I will be adding them every time I think of one!



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