Friday, 1 February 2019

Snow Stops Course! Tree ID in Winter... too much winter!

I was scheduled to run a one-day Tree Identification in Winter workshop tomorrow, Sat 2nd Feb, for the Field Studies Council, at their Amersham centre.

Alas, just look at the weather! 

It was snowing for much of the night, and it's snowing again now, so the FSC have very sensibly taken the decision to cancel the course tomorrow, and to postpone it for a fortnight.

This is not something that any of us does lightly: often, delegates have booked the course months beforehand, and have made plans around the day: and sometimes they are not able to switch to an alternative date at all.

But it really is not the weather to be travelling, especially as snow is forecast for the whole of today and part of the night as well, so there is no chance of it being gone overnight, and indeed it's likely to freeze overnight, leaving us with the joys of black ice. 

Personally, I have a 60-mile journey to get to the centre, but some of the delegates were coming from as far away as Brighton! Poor things, I bet they'll be glad to hear that it's been put back for a fortnight!

However, the very small silver lining to this cloud is that there might now be spaces available on the replacement date, provisionally set as Sat 9th Feb - so if you weren't able to get on the course tomorrow, and can't make the Bushy Park one on Sat 9th Feb, it might be worth contacting the Amersham centre to see if there's space on the 16th.

Meanwhile, I have a nice day indoors - no work for me today! - and no early start tomorrow.

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