Garden School:

Garden School:
Teaching this week: Early season Rose pruning (when does it stop?!) and making compost pens

Garden School

The place to learn about gardening.

Garden School currently operates on two levels: Personal Tuition, and distance learning via Blog Posts on this site.

Personal Tuition is where I come to you and teach you, in your garden, at your own pace. This is an extension of what I do all the time while I am out working: sharing knowledge, showing people how to do things, encouraging people into gardening. I love to talk about gardening! If you are interested, follow the link and read more about it, then contact me on to discuss dates.

Blog Posts are for everyone, no matter where you live: they generally occur when I realise that I've been asked the same thing by more than one person, therefore it must be worth writing a post on the subject.

If you have a specific problem, there might already be a blog entry on that subject - but if not, drop me a line at, and I'll write one for you!

How to find a particular subject: there is a list of "Frequently Covered Subjects" on the right, which might help. Or there is a "Search" box at the very top left of the screen, next to the orange "B".  Type in the word that you are looking for, press Enter and it should bring up a pile of them for you to wade through.

Garden School Principles:
(not in any particular order)

1) Don't waste money on gadgets.
2) Divide your compost area into three sections and use them in series.
3) Advice: it's free, and you are allowed to disregard it.
4) It is YOUR garden! You are allowed to break rules!
5) Advice changes over time. Be flexible, but don't follow every fad. If the old way works for you, keep doing it.
6) Don't grow veg that you don't eat, or flowers that you don't like. See 4).

For the future:

My dream is to have access to a large garden with outbuildings, where we can hold training days in practical gardening. This would be a real, true, practical Garden School, and would include courses for people wanting to become professional gardeners, as well as for people wanting to improve their skills for their own use.

Talking of turning professional, if you have always wanted to be your own boss and to work as a gardener, I have written a book that is just for you!

Like the botany guides, it is available as an eBook from Amazon, so you can download it to your Kindle, Fire, or any tablet with a reader: or you can just view it on your own pc, by downloading the free "app" that Amazon kindly supply.

The book itself is also free to download if you belong to Kindle Unlimited, or Amazon Prime. Otherwise, I'm afraid you will have to buy it, but it's well worth the money (said she, modestly).

To download it for free or to buy it, go to Amazon and follow the instructions.

Getting back to Garden School, as Botany is such an underfunded subject at present, I would also want to run a lot of courses on plant and tree identification, the use of dichotomous keys, macro photography and other items.

It's very important to get young people interested in plants, so I would hope to extend a welcome to local schools and colleges, as well as to individuals.

Ambitious, huh? Yes, but you have to have a goal...