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Garden School:
Teaching this week: Assessing a new garden, and when to say "No" !

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Tree stakes - sometime you do what you gotta do....

Last year, I planted a small Laburnum tree in a large border.  The neighbour had just cut down a massive Sycamore, leaving a huge hole in the skyline, and my Client asked me to plant something that would grow upwards to restore their privacy, but which wouldn't be as dense as the Sycamore, and preferably would be a bit prettier.

That's why I went for Laburnum: they are small trees, quite airy, and of course in spring they have a fantastic display of yellow flowers.

Last week, I was checking on the tree and found that the stake had broken.

Oh no!

What to do?

I searched the shed, but couldn't find anything suitable... but I did find an ancient potato fork, all cracked and broken, rusty and clearly not in use any more.

Two lengths of string later - Perfect!