Workshops/Courses 2022

 If you have any questions, do please feel free to email me on

On Saturday 24th September 2022, I will be repeating my one-day seminar/workshop on How to be a Self-Employed Gardener for the WFGA, in Grove, Oxfordshire.

We will be based at Grove Village Hall, Main Street, Oxfordshire - arrive for registration at about 09.30, for a prompt 10am start: but I'll be talking from the moment you arrive! Bring along a packed lunch, and your own refreshments (thanks to Covid, we won't be having communal tea and biscuits, I'm afraid) and we aim to finish by 4pm.

This is your chance to ask me any questions you like about starting up in business: having done it myself, and having quite literally written the book on this subject - How To Be A Self-Employed Gardener, to be precise - I am always happy to talk about it, and to answer questions, to encourage more people to take this step and become self-employed as Gardeners. Even if you are already self-employed, this workshop will help and encourage you to take it to the next level, to be better: and to charge a realistic rate for it!

You are welcome to email me beforehand, if you have a specific question or topic which you would like to be sure is covered on the seminar.