Monday, 14 December 2020

Top Tips: instant makeover - lawn edges and mulch

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Visitors due? About to put the house on the market? Wanting to take a nice photo, but the garden looks scruffy?

No matter what the time of year, an instant makeover for a garden is to clip the edges of the lawn, and to throw some mulch onto the beds.

If you have time to cut the grass, that's great, but if there isn't time to do the whole lawn, clipping the edges immediately improves the look.  It's a bit like not having time to go and get a haircut, but if you just trim your fringe, you suddenly look a lot tidier. 

And the mulching - there is nothing like a quick layer of fresh mulch to make a bed look tidy and well-kempt.

Here's a nice example - left: this bed looked as though a bomb had hit it, half an hour earlier.

A quick weed-round, a quick clipping of the edge, and a bag-and-a-half of mini bark chips, and look! Stunning!



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