Thursday, 9 April 2020

Covid-19 communication device

As part of my protocol for staying safe during the current c-19 situation, all my Clients have been instructed to stay indoors while I am working, to ensure there is no chance of us infecting each other.

The ones with the internet email me beforehand with a list of jobs, and we discuss by email various aspects of what I'll be doing: for those without the internet, either they leave a list pinned down somewhere (so I don't have to pick up) or sellotaped to the inside of their window, so I can read it without having to touch it.  And in both cases, if there is a query, we can talk on the phone in safety.

But for many of my "senior" Clients, they miss the personal contact: and many of them are quite alone, for much of time.

And now that we all have double glazing, it's very difficult to shout through a window, especially as a) many of them are a wee bit hard of hearing, and b) I don't have it within me to shout loudly at elderly ladies!!

So I take along this: my Covid-19 non-contact communication device:

Simple, eh?? Well, it makes them laugh!

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