Monday, 16 August 2021

Roses! Roses with fasciation!

Yet more fasciation - what is happening to the world?! *laughs*

I've spent the last several years waiting, with bated breath, to find the rare examples of fasciation, and now they are popping up left, right and centre!

This week, it's the Roses...

I've written about Fasciation several times - just type the word into the Search box at the top left of the page - so I won't cover it in detail again, other than to say that it is a spontaneous, harmless, mutation which plants sometime exhibit.

This is a rose stem, left: and  I have never before seen fasciation on roses, so this was quite exciting for me!

As you can see, left, the stem is madly curved - it's not floppy, it's perfectly rigid, but instead of being straight, it has this crazy curve.

Fasciation usually manifests like this - the stems become flattened and ribbed, instead of being round, and they often adopt strange curves, instead of being straight.

It's not infectious, it doesn't adversely affect the plant, it's not "permanent" in the sense that a particular plant might show some fasciation this year, and might never do it again.

It just looks a bit odd, doesn't it?!


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