Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Tues: oh my aching back!

All that work yesterday afternoon heaving scrap metal around and looking for wood left me stiff and aching this morning.

But at least I'm wearing shorts, and by an hour into the morning, I had thrown off my jacket, and the fleece as well! Can't be bad.

More mulching of the beds today, lots of weeding - where do all these weeds come from? -  and a bit of lifting, splitting and moving of plants to fill in gaps.

Spent the afternoon at the Yard, sorting out the water supply and getting very wet when the connections kept popping off! Tried out my new water meter, it works very well, so that's ok: I just need to slightly alter the box I made to cover it up from the weather.

Discovered that my water butt/tank is indeed still leaking, so I turned it over to have a look at the bottom, and discovered two more holes. Drat!  Decided to leave it on it's side to dry out, so that it will be easier to apply the silicone sealant stuff. I am quite determined to make this tank work! There's a huge roof area from the converted barn, and all the rainwater funnels down to one down-pipe which just happens to be in my Yard. I can't bear to waste all that water, not when I am going to have to pay for every litre that I take from the tap!

I also spent an hour or so adding anti-bunny wire to one of the three gates which represent weak spots in the security of the Yard. And I forgot to take photos, sorry! Will do so next time.

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