Garden School:

Garden School:
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Friday, 11 March 2011

Fri: Prairie Pruning - and some land!

Yes, I was back in the prairie beds this morning, and thankfully all the grasses have now been cut down, weeded around and generally tidied.

It was again very cold first thing, but as soon as the sun came out it got a great deal warmer. I was soon removing the fleece and rolling up my sleeves!

The client commented that there were some thistles starting to show in the wildflower meadow, so I trouped over there and got on with weeding them out. It was a perfect morning for it, the soil was damp from overnight rain and they came out really easily, mostly with great big long tails on them.

The big excitement of today is that I have indeed been offered some land, it's a small yard, mostly enclosed with high brick walls or gates, and it could be very nearly perfect. Time will tell!

Lots of odd jobs for this afternoon, potting up of Spanish Oat Grass for a start, so I'd better go and get on with it.

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