Thursday, 10 March 2011

Woolstone Open Gardens

(*heaves sigh*) It's raining! Milder, but very windy so although there's not enough rain to properly water the plants, there is plenty enough to make it unpleasant for working in it.

So I have the day off...

This morning I have spent some time updating my website, including a link to this blog, and some information about a Plant Stall in Woolstone on the 3rd July.

Woolstone is a very pretty village just a couple of miles away, it's right under the famous White Horse of Uffington, and the participating gardens all compete as to who has the best view of the White Horse.

I love doing this Open Gardens day, I'm fortunate enough to be invited to have my stall in the garden of Penny Spink, who opens her garden regularly through the year, and very generously opens it for charity as well. It's a prime position - my stall is in the paddock at the end of her formal garden, right next to the refreshment tent, and immediately opposite the car parking field.  This means that visitors appear with their tongues hanging out for a cup of tea, and their purses in their hands, so they are already in the purchasing mood. Best of all, being so close to the cars, they don't have to carry their plants far!

This will be my fourth appearance at this annual event, and I'm already looking forward to it.

Less good news is that although Letcombe Bassett are doing Open Gardens this year - unlike Woolstone, they go every other year - the client who usually lets me have my stall in her garden is not opening this year, and she not only has a lovely garden, she has a big paddock where the cars used to park. So I will need to find out where the cars are going to be, and then see how close I can get to that location.  If that's not possible, then I will probably ask another client in the village - how lucky I am to have a choice! - if I can have my stall in her garden, and we will just have to see how much of a difference it makes, not being next to the cars.

In the meantime, this afternoon I am going to see a  man about some land: yes, another instalment in my search for a place to grow plants, as my own garden is tiny. So, fingers crossed, there might be something interesting to talk about later.

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