Monday, 7 September 2020

Sempervivum in flower!

 I'm not a great fan of Sempervivums or Houseleeks: they are very slow-growing, and they just don't satisfy anything within me, as a gardener or as a Professional Gardener. I suppose they're ok in gravel-filled butler sinks (said she, grudgingly) but in the garden, in general? No thanks!

But then, the other day, while at work, this happened!


Isn't that amazing?

 I still don't value Sempervivums very highly, but at least now I do appreciate that they might have something to contribute to the garden - even  if only for five minutes!

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  1. If you call the "Hen and Chicks" they gain a new interest. My wife wanted to give her class a living present at the year end so she asked me to grow thirty of these in tiny terracotta pots. Even after the covid interruption they hung on with minimal intervention to be distributed on the return to school. By all accounts they were well received by the children. The parents of these plants duly exploded into flower providing an additional (and terminal) firework display. Thinks - I might do a post on the topic.

    1. HI Mal, *waves*

      I'd forgotten that they are called Hen and Chicks - so called because you start out with one, and then you end up with lots of little tiny ones.

      Love the idea of giving the children a "chick" each!


  2. Have now posted to Mal's Edinburgh Allotment!

    1. As I don't allow links in comments, Mal kindly didn't attempt to insert one (*laughs*) but if you would like to check out his post about the baby "chicks", just type the phrase "Mal's Edinburgh Allotment" into your search engine, and off you go!


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