Monday, 30 May 2022

How to: be a better gardener. Or: The Devil Is In The Detail

This is the sort of small detail that makes all the difference between being a gardener who is merely average, and one who is wonderful, and appreciated. Like me. (She said, modestly.)

Question: what is wrong with this photo:

No, not the fact that the patio needs weeding: those are (mostly) Erigeron, and the Client likes them. 

No, not the astroturf mat: frankly, I think that using it as a doormat is an excellent use for the stuff, far better than using it instead of real grass.

All my trainees, and every student I have ever had, will know the answer, instantly.

It's the empty watering can, blowing about in the wind. And empty.

My philosophy on watering cans is quite simple: they should always have water in them.

A bucket, now that's a different thing: buckets have many uses, and often we need them empty, for putting things in.

But a watering can is only ever used for watering:  even if you decide it's time to feed the roses, you will still need water in it.

And leaving it always filled means that it doesn't blow around in the wind, so a) you avoid the noise of it, in the middle of the night: b) it removes the rather untidy look, and c) it stays where you leave it, ie right next to the butt, instead of vanishing down the garden or round the back of the garage.

Plus, there are bound to be occasions where you have lost track of the time, are rushing to finish, and have just moved a plant: and it must be watered before you leave it.  Aha! There's the watering can, already full! (This is one occasion where you can break the rule about always refilling the can - if you are in a hurry to depart.)

So watering cans are never left empty, to fall over and blow about. No, they are always left filled with water - or, if the Client is elderly or a bit frail, half-filled - and ready for use. 





Like this!


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