Saturday, 4 June 2022

Gigantic ivy stems

I've written about ivy, many times, ("many, many times...." as Betty Marsden used to say) (and no, I'm not old enough to remember Round the Horne, but I was given some audio cds, years ago, and I am now word perfect...) but this one is, I think, worth sharing with you.



What more do you need me to say?

What a whopper, eh?!

With pruning saw and secateurs for scale, this has to be one of the largest ivy plants I have ever encountered: it has multiple stems, each of which are larger than any normal ivy plant.

How old it is? 

I have no idea, because ivy doesn't have annual growth rings, in the way that trees do, so there is no way to accurately judge the age of the plant.

Probably a considerable number of years, I would have thought.... and it is adjacent to water, so the growing conditions are possibly nearly perfect?

Whatever the reason, is that not the biggest ivy root/stem you have ever seen!

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