Friday, 3 December 2021

Good Design (Fail): The Gates of Doom!

Over the years I have encountered many bits of garden design, good and bad, but this one is so hilarious that I thought I'd share it with you today. 


Spot the deliberate mistake: yes, folks, there is a tree EXACTLY opposite the gates to the compost heap. 

And, because of the way they built the gates, and/or the type of hinges they used, this is far as the gates open.

You have to wonder, don't you, about the mentality of fencing firms who, when presented with a run of at least fifty yards of fencing with the instruction "please put in a pair of gates at some point, so we can back up the ride-on mower, to empty the grass cuttings out of sight, onto the waste land beyond the fence", choose to put the gate opposite the one and only tree. 

Could they not see that there was a tree in the way? Did they not have to manoeuvre the gates around the tree while they were installing them? Did they not hear the bit about "we have a ride-on mower and want to back it up to the gates..." ? 

And yes, the owners now have to lift the grass up and over the gates. 

And the gardener - that's me - can just barely squeeze the wheelbarrow between the gate and the trunk, making it really awkward to tip the contents out. 

Can anyone beat this, for bad design?! 



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