Friday, 11 March 2016

The importance of labelling plants

ThinkinGardens is a great website, run by Anne Wareham - who you might remember is the author of the wonderfully-titled "The Bad Tempered Gardener" - in which she brings together intelligent viewpoints about gardening.

These are wildly varied, both in subject matter, and in fame or otherwise of the contributor: there are not many situations where I can claim to have been given equal prominence with people like Monty Don, Alys Fowler and Germaine Greer, to pick three at random from the list of contributors, but here I am on ThinkinGardens again, writing about the importance of plant labelling in public gardens.

Anne herself currently won't label the plants in her garden: but after this article, will she change her mind?

And what do you think about plant labels, when you visit a garden? Do you like to know what the plants are? Do you not care? Do you hate the sight of ugly, intrusive labels?

I'd love to know!

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