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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Ash Trees - not dead yet

Ah, a sight to gladden the heart of anyone who was disturbed by the discovery last year of Ash Dieback Disease, Chalara fraxinea:

 a whole bank of Ash seedlings, growing like crazy as no-one bothered to strim the verges in the village last year.

Now they are too stout to strim, so it looks as though we will have a tiny linear woodland along this bank.

It will be interesting to watch the natural process of competition - how long, I wonder, before the smaller ones start to die off? 

Should I mark the larger trees now, while they are small, so that later I can assess which ones succeeded?

Will the ones at the bottom of the bank - which presumably will get more water than the better-drained, higher portion of the bank - flourish?

Or will the council come along one day and chop down the lot?

Who knows.....

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