Friday, 3 October 2014

Bindweed by the yard.

I know that people often exaggerate, and I have frequently heard myself say that I have been pulling out "yards" of bindweed.

But yesterday, I really was pulling it out by the yard - and having to coil it up as I went, before throwing it in the wheelbarrow, en route to the bonfire heap.

Bindweed by the Yard

And I assure you that the large coil is all one length: impressive, huh?

At this time of year (early autumn), it's easier to just pull out the loose stuff, then go back and dig for roots later in the autumn, once the leaves are down and the shrubs have been pruned, so that you can get round them more easily.  The bindweed plants will usually throw up small new growth after having the top ripped off, so you will be able to find them quite easily.

The benefit is that by doing this now, before they flower, you can prevent them from setting seed and perpetuating themselves, not to mention the sheer pleasure of ripping out the horrible stuff before it can tangle itself inextricably around every tree, shrub and perennial in the bed.

So that is my recommendation for the week: if  you are getting overwhelmed with bindweed, don't worry about trying to dig it all up, just pull and pull and pull, throw it all on the bonfire heap (don't compost it, whatever you do, as there are bound to be some lengths of viable root) and go back later in the year to finish it off.

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