Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The largest slug this year...

Look what I found while weeding last week:

Uuurrrr! * shudders theatrically*

Now, I'm fairly immune to slugs, I have been known to pick up the smaller ones with bare fingers... and although this is not the biggest I have ever seen, it's certainly the biggest I have seen for a while. And yes, I yelped like a girly and jumped back about two feet when I lifted the lavender to weed underneath it, and found this thing looking at me.

To be fair to me, it's not as big as it was - having been stabbed with my daisy grubber (apologies to all you animal-lovers out there, but honestly, slugs? Seriously?) it is now shrivelling up, and it was half as long again when it lunged viciously at me I found it.

OK, looking at the photo now, it doesn't actually look that big...

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