Monday, 11 April 2011

Mon: Weeds, weeds, and more weeds

Spent the whole morning just weeding: one barrow-full of compostable weeds, then back over the same area for a barrowfull of couch grass and bindweed to go onto the bonfire heap: then another barrow-full of compostable etc.

I sometimes wonder if anyone has invented a wheelbarrow with two compartments?

The afternoon was a special treat: I'd put it aside to do some work in my own garden, having pretty much finished painting the fences and trelliswork last week. So I moved stuff in pots, checked what was dead, weeded the shingle, set the water feature going, and decided that re-positioning all it's cobbles would be a project for another day: stuffed all the dead clematis cuttings into bags for taking to the dump, and re-assembled the frame of the old, dead, plastic greenhouse into four shelving units. Well, into three, I shall have to take a hacksaw to the roof poles before they will be recycled into legs for the fourth bench.

Then I drove off into Wantage because - fanfare of trumpets - I succeeded in finding a Man in Town who sharpens garden tools. For a mere £10 they have agreed to re-grind my faithful old shears, and they are quite optimistic that they should be perfectly all right afterwards. They might even be done by the end of the week!

Final job for the day was to chase the manager about The Yard - yes, still no sign of a licence, and I am itching to get in there and start potting things on.

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