Friday, 18 June 2021

Fasciation in Roses

I am utterly fascinated by fasciation!

If you don't know what this is, it's a naturally-occurring phenomenon, where a plant mutates: usually in the stem, but sometimes in the flower.

The commonest manifestation of this mutation is flattened stems: or, when flowers are involved, strange compound flowers, often weirdly distorted. I've written about stem distortion  already: and then I found it on Buddleia, and then, even on Bindweed!

It's completely harmless, non-infectious, cosmetic only: but weird and wonderful, to see.

Last week, I found it in a rose!! Here it is:

You can see that the flower also has a number of little tiny buds, within the centre of the flower!

How weird is that?

I'm not sure if the little buds would actually open into miniature flowers, but I'll keep an eye on the plant, and if I can catch it at just the right moment, I'll add photos to this post.

Just bear in mind that I'm only in this particular garden once a week, so I might miss it!

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