Tuesday, 26 May 2015

East Hanney OPEN GARDENS coming up in June

Shameless self-promotion time: come and see one of my gardens!

Sunday June 14th, two lovely private gardens are opening in East Hanney, to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity.

Entrance is just £5, one fee to cover both gardens, and they are open from 2-5pm.

The two gardens are only a hundred yards or so apart, and are both interesting in very different ways.

Jasmine Cottage is owned by a very nice lady called Jill, who has all sorts of interesting plants in her garden. Last time I went round it, nearly all the plants were labelled, which is always an added layer of interest to gardeners: and I must add a plea at this point, to visitors: please don't pinch the labels! If you want to remember what something is, write it down!!  (I have no patience with visitors who steal labels, tread on the beds, or take cuttings or seeds, and anyone caught doing so will be publicly shamed by me shouting "Oy!" loudly at them, then ejecting them from the garden, so be warned!)

The Mulberries is one of "my" gardens, it is quite large, and has some interesting artwork, as well as a huge Mulberry tree - unsurprisingly - and a lot of quite lovely plants.

It also has the Possibly Prettiest Garden Seat in the West, as written about, so you will have the chance to see it for yourself.

If you are in the area on that Sunday, do pop in to have a look round and to support this very worthwhile charity: there will be plants for sale at both gardens, and I will be there with some of my Miniature Pot Gardens as well.

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