Sunday, 24 May 2015

Baby birds in the shrubbery.

Yes, it's nesting season, and I was clipping the lawn edges around the shrubbery the other day, when I distinctly heard the sound of little birds cheeping - but it was coming from close in front of me.

Two minutes of panther-like stalking around the shrubbery and I had located the nest: inside a garden sculpture!

There it is, "Dior", surrounded by Peonies and other shrubs, and emitting shrill cheeping sounds.

The parent birds - Great Tits - were shuttling to and fro while I worked my way along the border, and each visit was accompanied by hungry cheeping.

Here is a short video - you will need your sound turned up to hear them cheeping. I wasn't able to get a video of the adults because, as I hope you appreciate,  I was working at the time, so I couldn't take the time to stand there and wait for them. But they were in and out every couple of minutes, non-stop.

I have no idea why they have not been flooded out, as the sculpture is open at the top, and it has rained quite heavily in the last few days.

Hopefully, they will survive!

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