Friday, 5 February 2021

Who said that Nature does not produce straight lines?

 Exhibit A, m'lud:

A stem of common or garden Mint - Mentha spicata. This is the one you probably have growing in your garden - the one that you are advised to grow in a pot, or with a barrier around it, to stop it taking over your entire garden.

What shape would you call that stem?  Square. Definitely square. Not square-ish, Nice flat sides, sharp crisp corners - it's square.

I think this definitely proves that nature does, indeed, from time to time, produce straight lines!

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  1. Tradition has it that dried yarrow stems are used for divining the future. (The I Ching tradition that is.) This is precisely because they grow long and straight!

    1. Is that so? Good to know that Yarrow actually has a function, other than ruining lawns!

      Mind you, there's a difference between something that "usually" grows straight (and, are they straight enough to use as, for example, a ruler? I think not!!) and something that always grows geometrically square.

      *throws Yarrow stalks onto desk: ah yes, today will be light: until nighttime, when it will gradually become dark.*


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