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Garden School:
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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Primroses: spring tidy

Here's a quick and easy job to do, now that the Primroses are flowering: go round and remove all the dead and dying leaves from last season.

It's simple to do: just take your secateurs, or a pair of old scissors: locate each clump and snip off the over-large dead leaves.

They are the ones laying flat on the ground, forming a tatty ring around the more upright rosette of fresh new leaves - so it's easy to tell the difference, and easy to get hold of them!

Here's before:

and here is after.

There! Simple, eh? Five minutes with the scissors (ok, in my case, secateurs) and they look so much better.

It's not just for the look of the thing, either: those dead leaves form a combination of shelter and running buffet for slugs and snails, so get out there and snip off the dead leaves!

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