Tuesday, 14 June 2016

When is a sculpture not a sculpture?

I was walking round a garden centre's outbuilding section the other week, and was struck by the very arty arrangement of enormous chunks of tree trunk, plonked in amongst the display of sheds and outhouses, and beautifully mulched in gravel:

 Rather lovely, aren't they?

 And then I looked a little closer at one of them....

Yes, it's growing.

They all were.

So when the garden centre expanded its outside display area, they must have simply chopped off the wonderful mature Aspens where they stood, and just built the display area around them.

(Although there might have been additional trees which were more "in the way" and were cut right down to ground level and ground out, I suppose.)

I wonder if they realise that in a year or two, they'll have some very short pollarded trees growing in their display area!

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