Friday, 19 February 2016

Tulips in the Frost

It's too darn cold to work today, so instead I thought I'd present you with a couple of close ups of plants in the frost:

Firstly, here are my Tulips: just beginning, no buds yet (and a good thing too, it's 5 below today and they would not enjoy it)

Doesn't this one look rather like a baby bird, demanding food?

Here is a Pulsatilla vulgaris, or Pasque Flower, leaf: every tiny hair is covered with frost.

This is one of favourite plants, Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens', which is a lot of name for a little plant: it's commonly known as LilyTurf, or Black Mondo, as the foliage is deep, deep black.

Wasted when planted in a border, but stunning when underpinned with gravel, or something light-coloured.

But today - it's white!

Even the weeds look cute - take this tiny seedling of Hairy Bittercress, it looks as though it's been dipped in sugar!

(Botanically, it could actually be Wavy Bittercress - Cardamine flexiosa - I can't tell the difference at this early stage, but in my garden it is more likely to be Hairy, Caradamine hirsuta.)

Here is a tiny, delicate Daffodil, just about to open, with the frost just melting on the spathe.

And finally, here's another weed, so frosted that it appears to be furry!

Well, there you go, that was a quick trip round my front yard with a hand lens this morning: hopefully just a couple more weeks of cold weather and we will be into spring, oh joy!

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  1. Great pictures, I love the combo of frost and a hint of spring


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