Thursday, 25 February 2016

New Field Guide: Poppy

Nearly forgot to mention this - I recently released the latest Field Guide, this one is on how to identify the various Poppies that you will find, both in the wild and in the garden.

You can find it here, on the Amazon Kindle Store: and if you are already confident on Poppies, you can go direct to my Author Page, to see which other Field Guides are available, along with the other gardening books which I have published.

As always, a quick reminder that if you have Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime, you can download it for free: and don't worry if you don't have a Kindle, you can download it to any ebook reader or tablet, and you can even download it straight to your pc or laptop: Amazon kindly provide a free "app" (or "programme" as we grown-ups call them) allowing this.

So there you go, no excuse now to get confused between Oriental and Opium poppies, or between Welsh Poppy and Long Horned Poppy.  And are you wondering if you can eat the seeds of either of them? (Simple answer “Best not to”, read the book to find out why.)

Of course, I picked the wrong time to release this book, didn't I, as most of the Poppies are annuals, and won't be available for identifying until summer, but sometimes it's nice to do the research in advance...

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