Saturday, 7 March 2015

Brambles again

*groans theatrically*  Will I ever get away from brambles? Probably not!

Even if you follow my excellent advice about ensuring you cut the root below ground level in order to prevent the stump from shooting, there will still be  whole mass of blackberry pips in the ground all around, and there will still be new plants appearing, so constant vigilance is required.

One quick question popped up a few days ago "Will shredded brambles grow?"

Thankfully, the answer is "No."

There are some pernicious weeds which will indeed grow from small pieces of root - bindweed, ground elder, couch grass, japanese knotweed all come to mind - and there are certainly some shrubs that I would never shred and use as mulch: buddleia and willow for example, as both of those will grow from shreddings.

But thankfully once you have shredded a bramble, it is dead and gone.

Don't use them as mulch, though, as the prickles and the sharp corners of the stems remain as health hazards for years after they die. Rather like holly leaves. ("Ask me how I know... " yes, I stabbed myself painfully by grabbing up a big handful of dead holly leaves the other day.)

And, joy of joys, it's that time of year again, the brambles are starting to put on their new season's growth, so over the next couple of weeks I am going to be doing battle with them once more.

Wish me luck! 



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