Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tree ties: How Not To Do It

I thought you might find this as amusing as I did:

In case you can't quite work out what it is, it's a tiny, tiny tree on the left, a garden cane on the right, a tree protector around the stem, and a massive heavy-weight rubber tree tie dangling off the stem: not even connected to the feeble cane, just dangling there.

Sometimes I wonder about some of my clients!

Corrective action taken:

1) Removed the tree tie and put it safely away for later use.

2) Removed the pathetic garden cane, replaced it with a much stouter one, hammered in upright, taking care to avoid the roots of the tree.

3) Attached tree to new cane using a double twist of flexible Soft String.

And while I was at it:

4) Unpeeled protector, checked bark for damage, removed weeds from inside protector and replaced: also weeded the planting hole, trimmed the edges,  and added a mulch of our own compost around the base of the tree - but not actually touching it - to give it some encouragement.

Let's hope that the tree takes heart from this attention, eh?

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