Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Garden centre closures

Bad news on the Beeb today: because all the garden centres have been told to close, millions of plants are going to be dumped.  Well, millions of bedding plants, anyway.

I think it's a bit premature for garden centres to say that shrubs and trees are going to be dumped, don't you? They could just be  held over for another year?

I did wonder if they mean that the plants are going to be unwatered and neglected: if the centre is closed, presumably no staff will be going in to water them, in which case yes, millions of plants are going to die.

You can see why the gov have decreed that garden centres must close: they used to be outdoor places with lots of plants, but now they are all general-purpose shops, and not exactly essential.

However, with so many people stuck at home, there is a sudden upsurge in the number of people who are finding out that "doing the garden" not only gives pleasure because finally, they've sorted out that eyesore, but also is pleasurable in the actual work.  So they are all wanting to add plants - but can't get them!

I think it's a shame that garden centres had to move away from being "plant nurseries" and had to turn into shops.

If they were still plant nurseries, they would still be able to open: they could offer click and collect in the car park,  having taken orders by phone or online.


Anyway, today's question: Why am I dead-heading daffodils?

There are three, maybe four main reasons why I do it: anyone care to make a guess? You have until 6.15am tomorrow!


  1. At least we can still have a virtual tête-à-tête!

    1. Groan! (For anyone who doesn't know, tête-à-tête are my favourite miniature daffs..)

      Mal, go and stand in the Naughty Corner for ten minutes!


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