Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Field Guide to Identifying Bryony and Nightshades in the UK

Here we go, another Field Guide hits the virtual shelves of Amazon -

and it's FREE to download. if you have Amazon Unlimited, or Amazon Prime.

Why Bryony and Nightshades?

Well, this one started because there are three climbing, twining plants commonly found in hedgerows - two types of Bryony, along with Bittersweet, or woody nightshade. Having included one of the nightshades, it made sense to put the others in the same book.

It's an important group to learn, as all but one of them are poisonous.

I suppose it could be said that, having established that anything found climbing in a hedgerow with green or red berries is probably poisonous, you don't really need to know which is which.

However, I like to know these things, and I expect that other people do, too. 

So there you are, no excuse for getting it wrong: get out there and check your local hedgerows this weekend.

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