Friday, 9 August 2013

GreenPlantSwap: a new way to sell plants!

The creator of this site very kindly invited me to join it: ever heard of it? No? Well, it's young, but it's daily growing, as they say in the song.

Here's my Grower page - (yes, that's me in the waders!)

...and here's a Link to GreenPlantSwap, to take you straight there.

The idea is to put us all in touch with local growers, thus reducing plant miles, supporting local industry, and providing us with plants which are likely to thrive in our location, rather than all this stuff that is bought in from Dutch polytunnels, and which either expires the day after you buy it, or needs weeks in a cold frame to be hardened off.

Has to be a good thing, eh?!

I have put up a selection of my plants on this new site, and I will be adding more as I get time: it gives you a better way to look at them, with photos of the mature plants as well as my personal photos of my plants: full information on how to grow them, other sellers to compare with (so that you can see how very reasonable my prices are, ha! ha!) and you can search through them by category: ie, you can select all the Grasses and Bamboos, or all the Hedging, or all the Climbers.

This should make it easier to select the plants that you want.

You can either email me direct, or via the site - like all websites these days, they like you to sign in, but the process is very easy, and does not cost anything. Don't forget that I offer free delivery on orders of £20 or more in and around Wantage.. and if you don't live nearby, but see something that you really, really want... well, email me anyway, as I might have a smaller pot of the same plant that can be posted to you.

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  1. Thanks for the positive review Rachel - it's taken me this long to come across it! Back in 2013 when we launched GreenPlantSwap our promise to users that they could 'Buy, sell and swap plants with other gardeners near them' was something of a dream, as it takes time to build local usage across the UK. Two years on, and still growing fast, we now deliver much better against the promise. So dear reader, do take a look if you have not already ;-)


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