Friday, 8 March 2013

When is a lawn not a lawn?

Earlier this week, we actually had some sunshine,  and lo! and behold, out came the crocuses.



Crocus, plural, anyway:

How lovely, to see them all fully open, holding their little faces up to the sun.

At this time of year, the lawn stops being a lawn, and becomes an extension of the flower beds! Of course, in a few weeks' time it will look like nothing on earth, with straggly dead foliage, and scruffy over-long grass, but my client and I agree that it is well worth it, to have this spectacle at this time of year.

And on this particular day (Tuesday of this week) there was a hard frost first thing, and I went out to work in thermal long-johns, thermal tee, thermal gloves, thermal socks, and a scarf... by half past ten I was getting seriously over-warm, and had to go into the client's garage to strip off my thermal long-johns before I passed out from overheating.

Fingers crossed that they don't have cctv in the garage....

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