Monday, 5 November 2012

Urrrr, I'b got a code...

*sniffle* I don't feel well!  All last week I had that uncomfortable feeling that I was going down with a cold: I had a couple of slightly headachey days, and a feeling that there was a large hole in the very centre of my head,  filled with cold air.

Do you ever get that feeling? As though the air is suddenly too cold on the (presumably) sinuses (I'm a botanist, not a medical student) which often means that a snotty head-cold is approaching.

But nothing came of it, I was fine over the weekend, and looking forward to getting some work done this week, if it would only stop raining every day.

This morning the barometer was actually rising, but all the foliage was sodden, so I had to cancel my morning job, although I had high hopes of going out this afternoon.  But I've been feeling more and more poorly as the morning passed, so maybe I'll stay in the warm this afternoon.


It's not just the missed income (no work = no money), it's the fact that I actually miss doing my job. I like weeding! I like pruning! I like discussing the possibilities, planning for the next season, making harsh decisions on what has to go... I like actually getting out there and working.


Maybe tomorrow....

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