Thursday, 22 November 2012

First, release your wren...

An interesting start to the day: on a normal day I arrive, unlock the garden gate, walk over to the back door to collect my Notes for the day, then on to the Greenhouse to leave my work bag out of the way.

"Greenhouse" doesn't quite do it justice, it's practically a conservatory, being half-brick then real old-fashioned glass panes, all against a very old wall. It's beautifully fitted out inside, with staging on two sides, shelves underneath, storage for tools against the wall, and plenty of space.

Often there are butterflies and bees in it, in the summer, as they find their way in through the vents, then can't find their way out.

Occasionally I have even found one of the house cats in there; presumably they had been sleeping, unseen, on a lower shelf when the client closed up the day before, and hadn't been noticed!

But today was different, there was a wren inside it.

Poor little thing, it went quite mad when I walked in: had I realised, I would have entered very slowly and quietly, but of course I had no idea until it started thudding against the glass at the far end, scaring me half to death in the process.

As usual, little birds are completely immune to "there, there, it's all right, calm down, let me sort you out" and they just flap around, hurting themselves and making me feel guilty. At least this one was flying freely, he wasn't caught up in anything, so I propped the door wide open, and very gently moved around him, herding him towards the door.


Out he flew, never to be seen again.

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