Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Bread and cheese again....

...ho hum: thick, wet, cold fog has enveloped the south of England again today, and it's too wet for me to work.


Days like these are particularly maddening: I wish it would just rain, and get it over with. As it is, I keep looking out of the window and thinking "I could be out there working" but as soon as I  venture outside, I realise that it is thoroughly unpleasant, and I may as well be indoors, studying.

To make it worse, I have started with a new client this week - or at least, I should have been, had it not been for the weather.  You might remember that I have lost a garden recently:  I've been working temporarily for some people who are shortly moving, and wanted their garden kept presentable,  but hopefully this new client will become my regular replacement.

I do hate taking on a new client, then not being able to work. I feel as though I've let them down... I want to make a good impression... and I want to get started on their garden, there's lots to do.

Oh well, such is life.

Later this week I am taking an afternoon off to go down to Abbotsbury Gardens, down near Weymouth:  they have illuminations in the garden for a short period each autumn and, having missed it last year, I have decided to make the effort to go and see it this year.

So now I am torn - hoping the weather is good for a long drive, but also hoping the weather is bad, otherwise I will be consumed with guilt for taking time off when I could be working.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a gardener!

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