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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Wheelie Bin storage..

... fail!

No-one likes having to look at the hideous plastic wheelie bins, so most people hide them behind a screen of some sort.

Everyone does it like this:

 ...which makes it easy to lift the lid and put things in, but then when it is time to wheel it outside for collection - oh dear, the handle and the wheels are now at the back.  So you have to lift up the front lip and drag it forwards, before wiggling it around so you can get hold of the handle.

And it weighs a ton, because it is full.

Instead, position the storage/disguising bays across the front of your garden facing out onto the street. Or sideways on to your drive, with the panel on the drive side.  Put a stout post at each end, and make the long panel hinged.

Fill the bins from the garden side, easy to lift the lids.

On bin day, swing open the hinged panel, grab the handle, and trundle them straight out onto the street.


Incidentally, don't put your landfill or recycling bins out unless they are nearly full. Neither of them should have anything remotely biodegradable in them, so they shouldn't start to smell: and by putting out a quarter-full bin every fortnight, you are increasing the time taken by the binmen to do their round.  It takes no longer to empty a full wheelie bin than to empty a nearly-empty one.

If everyone in a low-waste household did this, it could cut the time taken for the trucks to go round, thus reducing the frequency of us getting delayed in going to work because the bin lorry is clogging up our streets. It might even give the bin men enough spare time to pick up the mess they make! OK, separate issue....

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