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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Silly Snowdrops

Apparently snowdrops are becoming big business again: there were reports in the Horticultural press of people paying £360 for one snowdrop bulb. One!!

OK, it was a particularly rare one, called "Mother Goose" and as you can see, left, it's mostly yellow, instead of the usual white and green.

But still, £360?

Would you pay that for one bulb? What if it died?

Personally, I'm not that fussy about my snowdrops - I love them all, they are so cheerful at this time of year, and if I have a favourite, it would be the common or garden Galanthus nivalis, double flowered version, Flore Pleno.

One of my gardening colleagues is a big Galanthophile (that's the name for snowdrop lovers, apparently) and she got quite excited about these rare ones, although she draws the line at paying £360 for one.

To amuse her, I sent her photos of two "unusual" snowdrops in my garden which I thought might interest her:

The one on the left is Galanthus nivalis "Grumpii" and the other is "Blue Moods".

*snorts through nose, and puts felt pens away*

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