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Garden School:
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Plants for sale - May

APHA Registered Professional Operator No.13037.

I supply a small, carefully chosen range of fully hardy, outdoor plants of consistent quality: all are propagated by me, here in South Oxfordshire, and all are strong young plants, which are accustomed to our local climate. No imported, polytunnel-protected plants here!

Payment by Paypal: and don't worry if you don't have a Paypal account, you can use it as a "guest" using your credit card. No fees to you (I get to pay all of those!) and it's dead easy!


Collection strictly no-contact, by appointment only.

Iris pumila
Dwarf Iris
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each 


Lush, dark purple flowers, held upright on sturdy short stems. 

Fully hardy, these Dwarf Iris prefer a well-drained soil, so they're great in pots, as well as being allowed to form clumps in the garden. 

Their main flowering season is April-May (a bit late this year, due to the terrible April weather) and they often produce sporadic blooms through the summer, as well.

I have 10 pots of well rooted plants, all either flowering, or just about to flower!

Primula auricula
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

Purple:  Gorgeous flowers, FULLY HARDY these plants live outdoors in the garden.


I also have these pale lilac ones for sale: also fully hardy.



In addition to the full-size ones, I have half a dozen smaller pots for sale, just £3 per pot: also of flowering size, but due to be potted on. 

As well as flowering ones, I have some generous bulging potfuls which are producing multiple "pups", and these are ideal for anyone wishing to have a go at propagating these lovely plants.

 ... and the last three Gold ones, these are £8 per pot, very special: they are "mealy", but are still fully hardy, outdoor plants.

Gorgeous, huh?





Black Mondo - or Lilyturf, it's sometimes called. Proper name (deep breath)
Ophiopogon planiscapens 'Nigrescens'
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

Fully hardy garden plant: 12 for sale now: all well rooted, and raring to go!  

One of the very best black foliage plants, being a rich, luscious black - particularly lovely when it rains! 

Best planted through shingle, or with a light-coloured mulch underneath them: great in pots, as well. 

Later in the year, in summer,  they will flower - as you can see: short spikes of white, bell-like flowers, about 6" high, which will be followed by glossy black berries. 


But really, you don't buy these for the flowers, you buy them for the foliage!



Iris pallida
Variegated Iris
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each 


Photos to follow shortly


Sage: green
Salvia officinalis
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each 

Photos to follow shortly 

Salvia rosmarinus
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each 

Classic garden herb: but if left unpruned, produces masses of pale blue flowers, which the bees just love!

Photos to follow shortly 

Perovskia atriplicifolia:
Russian Sage
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each 

Not a Sage at all: young plants. 

Photos to follow shortly 

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