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Garden School:
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Plants for Sale - December

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DUE TO COVID-19 I'm afraid that I can't allow people to come and browse for plants, and thanks to APHA (*muttered swearing and cursing*) and their stupid Plant Passports ruling, I can't sell by post either.

This makes it pretty well impossible to sell plants, so I have reluctantly wound down that side of my business.

Next year, I will be selling a very small range of plants, and then, only to locals, who can collect, contact-free, by appointment. Not very satisfactory for either party, but better than nothing.

I am leaving the listings below, just for interest, and I will be updating them early next year.

Sorry, everyone!


I am now offering a limited plant supply: payment is by Paypal only, and collection is by appointment, contact-less - plants are packed up and left out for safe collection:

I supply a small, carefully chosen range of fully hardy, outdoor plants of consistent quality: all are propagated by me, here in South Oxfordshire, and all are strong young plants, which are accustomed to our local climate. No imported, polytunnel-protected plants here!

Payment by Paypal: and don't worry if you don't have a Paypal account, you can use it as a "guest" using your credit card. No fees to you (I get to pay all of those!) and it's dead easy!

5th August 2020:

OK folks, it's time for a CHEAP PLANT SALE!!!!

I need some space in my tiny front yard, so I'd really like to sell off a lot of the plants I already have.

Many of them are not looking their best at this time of year, but that's why they are CHEAP! CHEAP!

All the following are £1.50 each, 10 for £10, mix and match. (20 for £20, obviously) Scroll down for pictures (all taken today: and if you are not sure, ask me, and I'll take more photos for you).  All plants are fully hardy, and are perennials, which means that they come back year after year.


Sweet-scented flowers in the depths of winter, glossy evergreen foliage all year round: a great shrub to plant next to a door, or next to a path. 

I have five small plans for sale, fully hardy, ready to be planted out.

Grow to be about knee height.

Anthemis tinctoria

Strongly upright, bushy perennial, grows to be waist height, with yellow daisy-like flowers.

These poor little fellows didn't get planted out this year, and they are flowering at just a foot high!

Very bee friendly flowers, great for attracting all kinds of pollinating insects to your garden.

Creeping Jenny:
Lysimachia nummularia

Fabulous ground cover, roots itself wherever it goes so you only need to buy one plant!

(What am I saying? Buy lots of them!)

I have about eight of these left: they recently flowered, and now they are starting to spread all over my benches.

Help! Buy them, someone!

They tolerate most soils and conditions, and will happily tumble over walls, clamber over rockeries, and fill gaps in your borders.

Eucomis bicolour:
Pineapple Lily

Not a lily at all, a different plant altogether, but you can see where the "Pineapple" bit comes from, can't you!

Here they are in September last year, flowering beautifully.

If you'd like to have some of these unusual perennial bulbs in your garden, I have some seedlings for sale:

They don't look much now, but under the soil, the bulbs are fattening up nicely, and they should be flowering next year.

Plant them somewhere where they are surrounded by other plants, as they don't poke their noses  up until June.

Then sit back and watch them grow and grow until mid September, when shazaam! out come the flowers.

After flowering they die down again, and disappear until next spring.

Hardy Hibiscus: deciduous shrub:

Fancy one of these, in a few years' time?

Large, extravagantly flowering shrub, can get to a good 6-8' tall - I prune this one every year to keep it down to a reasonable size!!

Today I have a few seedlings for sale@

Remember that phrase about mighty oaks from tiny acorns?

Well, that applies to these seedlings as well"

Plant them out in a fairly sunny position,  not too close to a window (unless you want to have to keep pruning it every year, as I do with the one above!), give it some watering this year, and in a couple of years' time, you'll have your very own shrub!


Small young plants: great for pots, for shingle gardens, for dry areas under the window, for edging of beds or paths:

Plant them out now, and enjoy them in full flower from next year onwards!

Perovskia atriplicifolia:
Russian Sage

Aromatic sub-shrub, bearing pretty blue flowers through summer and into autumn.

Strong young plants, well rooted, just longing to be planted out!

Only three left, once they are gone, they will be gone!

Salvia rosmarinus - Rosemary

Classic staple of herb gardens, or cottage gardens: tough as old nails, grows to knee height, flowers beautifully - much loved by bees - in early summer.

Strong young plants, ready to be planted out.

I have about six or seven of these left.

Sage - Green
Salvia officinalis

Garden Sage: fully hardy, grows in any soil, any position, although sun suits it best.

Grow your own herbs: but most people only grow it for the bees!

Quickly becomes a semi-evergreen shrub, knee height: easily kept smaller by regular pruning.

If left unpruned  it will flower, and the bees absolutely love it!

Strong young plants, well rooted.

Sedum: Red
"Ice Plant"

Last year's cuttings, now fully rooted and just longing to be planted out, so that they can reach their full purple potential.

Will grow to about knee height when planted out: regular watering will encourage growth and will keep them stiffly upright.

Cut right back in later winter, once the birds have picked off all the seeds, and they will shoot up again, year after year.

Other plants for sale - these ones are all £5 each:

Iris pallida:
3½" pots (9cm), ready to be planted out, £5 each.

Beautiful striped white and pale green foliage, a pleasure to look at all year round! They do also flower, but it's the foliage you buy them for.

As you can see, strong young plants:  will form neat clumps.

The foliage grows to about 2' tall (60cm).

 I have nine of them for sale this month. Plant now, enjoy the foliage all summer and through the winter as well, if it's a mild winter - they are what's called semi-evergreen - and next spring, you'll have a lovely surprise when they flower!

Black Mondo -  or Lilyturf, it's sometimes called.  Proper name (deep breath)
Ophiopogon planiscapens 'Nigrescens'
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

One of the very best black foliage plants, being a rich, luscious black - particularly lovely when it rains!

Best planted through shingle, or with a light-coloured mulch underneath them.

Flowering now, as you can see: short spikes of white, bell-like flowers, about 6" high, which will be followed by glossy black berries.

But really, you don't buy these for the flowers, you buy them for the foliage!

Pachyphragma macrophyllum
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

Every year, in March and April, people ask me in amazement about this plant in my garden.

Pure white flowers - just when we are sick and tired of yellow! - held above interesting rounded leaves.

If you'd like something like this for next year, you have to buy the plants now, while they look like nothing on earth... plant them out, be patient, and next spring you'll have a display of flowers which will surprise you!

This, alas, is what they look like now:

Not much to look at, eh?

But have faith, plant out a couple of them in your garden, and in future you, too, will have people asking you what on earth it is!

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