Sorry folks, we're not allowed to run courses at the moment. We tentatively re-scheduled the WFGA How To Be Self-Employed one in Staffordshire for September, and the FSC asked me to run the Summer Tree ID one at Bushy Park in September, but alas, they were all CANCELLED.

Details will be on their various websites, as things progress.

HOWEVER!  Good news, I am doing a special on-line presentation for the WFGA, aimed at Professional Gardeners who have been self employed for a few years, and who are thinking about how to improve their business, how to move it forwards, and how to deal with some of the problems that might be holding them back.

You've just missed the first booking, but you can look for future seminars on the WFGA website:

 How To Grow And Develop Your Business

This course will be repeated from time to time throughout the year.

There are, also, books to buy: if you want to know about Tree ID, you can - for just a couple of quid, or free if you have Kindle Unlimited - learn about:


Conifer Basics:  a short but thorough introduction to the very complicated and difficult subject of Conifer identification.

This will teach you, clearly and simply, how to divide the conifers you are likely to find while out and about in the UK, into three basic categories, and then to sort them into genus. 

I've tried to make a rather heavy-weight topic into something rather more fun: so it's been simplified, but not dumbed down.


When you want a break from conifers, turn your attention instead to Broadleaf or Deciduous trees, and learn how to identify Winter Trees.

Again, simplified but not dumbed down: identifying trees in winter might appear to be impossible at first, but fear not, this book runs you through all the common street and woodland trees, the ones you are likely to find in and around your home town.

There's nothing like being an expert in something, to make you feel good: and once you can ID them in winter, just think how much easier it will be, next summer!

Horrors of the Hedgerow... Talking of summer, once we get back round to the nicer time of year, hopefully we will all still be going out for walks in our neighbourhood, having been forced to do so during Lockdown.

Throw away that expensive gym membership! Just get outside and go walking!

Drag your kids out as well, and make the most of the time, by teaching them all about the painful and poisonous things, lurking in the hedgerows.

What's that? You don't know anything about them? But they're your kids...oh, you mean the plants. Sorry! No worries, this is the book for you, clearly and simply explaining all about the nasties you are most likely to encounter, when out on a local walk in the UK.

And we all hope that maybe, 2021 will see us getting back to presenting face to face courses again.