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Garden School:
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Plants For Sale

APHA Registered Professional Operator No.13037.

DUE TO COVID-19 I'm afraid that I can't allow people to come and browse for plants, but if there is something on the list which interests you, let me know and I will send you up to date photos of it.

I am now offering a limited plant supply: payment is by Paypal only, and collection is by appointment, contact-less - plants are packed up and left out for safe collection:

I supply a small, carefully chosen range of fully hardy, outdoor plants of consistent quality: all are propagated by me, here in South Oxfordshire, and all are strong young plants, which are accustomed to our local climate. No imported, polytunnel-protected plants here!

Payment by Paypal: and don't worry if you don't have a Paypal account, you can use it as a "guest" using your credit card. No fees to you (I get to pay all of those!) and it's dead easy!

Plants  for sale include the following, all of which are in 3½" pots unless it says otherwise:

Auricula: lots of 'em! Gold, pale lilac, and a lovely deep lilac £8/pot
Snake's Head Fritillery (Fritillery meleagris)- finished flowering now, but setting seed. £5/pot
Chocolate Vine (Akebia quinata) purple flowered £15
Iris pallida (fabulous white-striped foliage) £8 each
Black Mondo or Lily Turf (Ophiopogon planiscapens nigrescens) £5/pot
Common Spotted Orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) £5/pot flowering now, only two left
White Easter Lily (Lilium longiflorum) (will grow waist-high with fabulous white trumpets) £2 each
White Lupin (super clear white flowers, gorgeous) £2 small, £3 ea in 3½" pots (not for sale yet)
Anthemis tinctoria (tall, with yellow daisy-flowers) £2
Dwarf Iris (Blue, only 9" high) £5 ea - potted ones have finished flowering now
Wild Ginger (Asarum europeaum) (great ground cover) £5/pot
Knautia - deep purple flowers, lovely cottage garden plant £2
Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) good ground cover - £3/pot
Acer grosseri - Japanese Maple - three for sale, £15 each


Bearded Iris Lucky Dip (memo to self: don't let the labels fade beyond legibility!) £5 each

Primula auricula
3½" pots (9cm), £8 each

Fully hardy, outdoor perennial Auricula.

Sturdy, well-rooted, pot-grown plants, in 3½" pots (9cm).

Flat open flowers held on stiffly upright stems.

These ones live in my cold, east-facing front garden all year round: too much direct sun will fade the flowers.

If you've never tried growing Auricula before, these are ideal ones to start on: they are fully hardy, so they don't need cosseting in greenhouses: they have much-reduced “meal” on the leaves so they look quite normal. 

Photo shows plants for sale, taken two weeks ago: the flowers are going over now, but they usually re-flower later in the year.

I am selling gold flowered ones, pale lilac, and purple flowered. Please note the yellow ones are not yellow, they are more of an "old gold" colour!

Several of them are already producing baby plants at the base of the stem, so you can practice propagating.

Auriculas are often grown as “show” plants, each individual plant in a small terracotta pot (preferably a hand-made one), displayed on shelves. All you need to do is pick off dead leaves from time to time, and remove the flowering stem once the flowers have died back.

Snake's Head Fritillery
Fritillery meleagris
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

Each pot contains several flowering-size bulbs.

Classic meadow flower for late spring into early summer: elegant nodding heads which are usually a purple chequerboard pattern, but which are sometimes clear white.

Ideal for naturalising into grass which can be left unmown through the summer.

PLEASE NOTE they have finished for the year now, but can still be planted out, ready for next year.

Just leave the seed pods to dry out, and they will scatter seed everywhere!

Chocolate Vine
Akebia quinata
Well rooted in a large pot: £15

Vigorous hardy climber, semi-evergreen with very attractive five-lobed leaves. Dark purple flowers appear in spring, and in hot summers, they are followed by sausage-shaped fruits.

Climbs by way of twining tendrils, so if you give it a little support when small, it will soon get the idea and head for the heavens.

Heuchera 'Palace Purple'
3½" pots (9cm) £4

Unfortunately this whole tray of plants was stolen from my collection area last weekend.

Whoever took it, I hope your Mamma is proud of you.

Iris pallida:
3½" pots (9cm), ready to be planted out, £8 each.

Beautiful striped white and pale green foliage, a pleasure to look at all year round! They do also flower, but it's the foliage you buy them for.

As you can see, strong young plants:  will form neat clumps.

The foliage grows to about 2' tall (60cm).

 I have nine of them for sale this month. Plant now, enjoy the foliage all summer and through the winter as well, if it's a mild winter - they are what's called semi-evergreen - and next spring, you'll have a lovely surprise when they flower!

Black Mondo -  or Lilyturf, it's sometimes called.  Proper name (deep breath)
Ophiopogon planiscapens 'Nigrescens'
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

 One of the very best black foliage plants, being a rich, luscious black - particularly lovely when it rains!

Best planted through shingle, or with a light-coloured mulch underneath them.

3½" pots, £5 each

Common Spotted Orchid: rarely found for sale, raised from seed by myself.
Dactylorhiza fuchsii
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

 Like all my plants, fully hardy: there are several plants in each pot, they all flowered last year, so this year after flowering, they will set seed and you will find them popping up everywhere!

(Many of the plants I am selling this month have an added bonus of a free Common Spotted Orchid growing in the pot!)

Only two left, flowering now!

White Easter Lily
Lilium longiflorum
3½" pots (9cm), £2 each

 Fabulous pure white trumpets, held at waist height: these ones grow big!

This is what they look like when fully grown - right.  The plants I am selling are two years old, and might take another year to reach flowering size.

But when they do, wow!

Lupin - white
3½" pots (9cm), £3 each, or £2 for small ones

NOT FOR SALE  as of 10th May due to an aphid attack. They had to be de-foliaged, and they look terrible! They will be sold later in the year, once they have recovered.

Small young plants, will grow and grow!

This - right - is what they look like at flowering time. Really nice with a lavender underplanting, as you can see!

Anthemis tinctoria
3½" pots (9cm), £2 each

Lovely bushy perennial, grow to be waist height, with yellow daisy-like flowers

Dwarf Iris
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

 Super little Iris, really easy to grow, will form large clumps.

The ones I have for sale have finished flowering now, but the ones planted out in the garden are still going strong.

Wild Ginger
Asarum europeaum
3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

Rarely seen for sale: interesting shiny kidney-shaped leaves make a good ground cover all year round.

The flowering is - I'm sorry to say! - "insignificant" but the smell is very interesting.

3½" pots (9cm), £5 each

NOT FOR SALE YET - just potted on to larger pots.

Deep purple/dark cerise flowers held on tall, thin, wiry stems: ideal cottage garden plants.

Creeping Jenny
Lysimachia nummularia
3½" pots (9cm), £3 each

 Fabulous ground cover, roots itself wherever it goes so you only need to buy one plant!

(What am I saying? Buy lots of them!)

I have a dozen strong young plants, ready and raring to be planted out!

Acer grosseri - Snake Bark Maple.
Three for sale, £15 each

All Acers are fully hardy, and do NOT require acid soil.

 Nearly two foot high (60cm)

Double trunk.

This one is a little over 2' high (60cm) and is multi-stemmed.

This little fellow is romping away, up to 4' high already - that's 1,2m), on a single stem and:

... here is a closer view of the foliage.

The true beauty of Acer grosseri is the bark which, as the tree grows, becomes elegantly striped.

Collection only: if you live in South Oxfordshire, you are most welcome (AFTER LOCKDOWN IS OVER!!!) to view and collect. Please contact me by email at, and we can arrange an appointment.

Please note that I am not authorised to issue Plant Passports so I can no longer offer postal supply.